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Finally, a system that works & people standing by to help you:

  • Master a proven six figure business model that increases your income week after week with virtually zero overhead.
  • Fire your boss, quit making someone else rich and start reaping the rewards of your efforts for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Skip the daily commute and grow your business from the comfort of your own home, during your own hours, on your own terms.
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  • Seize your natural birthright as a free human being to live without servitude and choose exactly what to do with every day of your life!


From: Gary Gregory
Subject: Six figure income, realizing your dreams and living the life you deserve!

Hey guys this is Gary Gregory here,

I just want to start by thanking you for dropping in to share some time with me today.

I know so many people are under tremendous pressure these days from every possible angle, especially with the rough economic times that have hit our shores in recent years. Believe me, after losing my job in the middle of the downturn three years ago I understand from firsthand experience.

When I was struggling with mounting bills and sparse job prospects back then I know just how hard it was to find a free moment. So the fact that you’re sitting here right now sharing some of your precious time with me is something I'm honestly deeply appreciative of. And as a measure of my respect and gratitude I’d like to get something out in the open with you right away.

I know that a lot of people are parading get rich quick online schemes around, you know the type: “How a 14 year old janitor made $50 million dollars in 2 weeks between cleaning rounds!”

Well I want you to know from the outset that is absolutely NOT what I’m about.

In fact who I am and what I want to share is the polar opposite.

I’m here to deliver something I know that everyday people who want to build a real lucrative business online are in desperate need of:

Now the system I’m about to share with the world came about as a result of a series events that started back a couple of years ago when the global economy plunged head first into crisis taking millions of people down with it.

So for me to explain this system and what I’m all about I first need to tell you some of my own personal story.

I’d like to give you a little background on who I am, where I came from and how I came to be talking to you  today…

When the global financial crisis yanked my income source out from under me and my family three years ago it was one of the toughest periods of my life. At the time I was in the mortgage banking industry and it just so happened I was working for the very first company that fell in the collapse.

I was literally at the epicenter of the economic downturn. The company I worked for disappeared and my job went along with it, and what was to follow was a downward spiral that nobody at the time (including myself) understood or could have imagined.

At first I jumped from mortgage company to mortgage company, hoping that the sinking ship would somehow right itself, collecting unemployment as I could, when I could, as the bills were mounting.

But as that sinking ship plunged deeper and deeper into oblivion it became painfully clear that it was only going to keep going down. I knew that I had to find a way to get off that doomed vessel or else it would drag my me and my family down with it.

So I began to think about alternate ways to support my family financially. I was tired of letting their financial destiny be in the hands of something or someone else. I had to have more control over that. I knew there had to be a better way.

As it later turned out, losing my job in the economic downturn was actually the greatest blessing I could have ever received.

It was that sudden pressure, that absolute need to provide for my family no matter what that snapped my brain into a new mode of thinking. It forced me to banish all doubts from my mind and insist on forging a life for myself and my loved ones that could never be snatched away from us.

So I set about seizing control of our financial destiny with every bit of my focus and determination. There were no ifs, ands or buts in my mind – I was going to make it happen and that was that.

I know what it is to watch your bank account dwindling while your bills stack up higher and higher. I remember that sick lurching feeling in the pit of my stomach all too well.

Even before the downturn, I remember how it felt to have to bite your tongue while your boss brandished the keys to the new car or house he just bought with the revenue your hard work generated for his business. Or to have to deal with the tiresome ongoing to and fro of petty office politics.

I won’t forget the money I had to waste just on paying the expenses of working a 9-5 job. I came to realize that by the time you covered your office attire, your daily commute, your meals and coffees and every other little thing that came up during the week, a significant chunk of your wage went to paying for the ‘privilege’ of going to work!

In a lot of ways I was already well aware of how futile my 9 – 5 income source was but I had stuck at it for what I thought was stability for my family. And when all of my hard work over the years was rewarded with the instant destruction of my employment it blew the illusion of stability out of the water for good.

At that point I knew if I really wanted stability and prosperity for me and my family I was going to have to go out and create it for myself.

And that’s exactly what I did.

In the beginning, even though I knew without doubt I was going to take control of my financial destiny, I honestly didn’t know how I would do it…

…Until I got a tip off about the opportunities for establishing and growing a legitimate and highly lucrative business completely and utterly online.

As a former bricks and mortar business owner I was an entrepreneur at heart, and when I began to explore the world of online business I saw a virtually untapped marketplace that was tremendous and was only going to get bigger (and better).

The more research I did, the more I came to realize the gigantic opportunity the internet could provide, as long as one was committed and willing to do the work involved to make it happen.

Thankfully for me the extensive background I had in sales and marketing allowed me to identify and avoid the numerous “get rich quick” schemes floating around that delivered little in the way of legitimate online business guidance.

I already knew how to run a business and I understood the core unchanging principles of sales and marketing.

All I needed was to fill in the knowledge gap that would allow me to transfer these skills into the online arena.

So I began to study various ways of building an online business and I tested, tested and retested each one over and over again. As a result of many trials and errors over a full year of development I finally formulated a business model that worked, delivered steadily increasing revenue and could be repeated over and over again with the same positive results.

Once I had refined a system that came through with reliable, repeatable results I diligently set about rolling out that system and expanding my online presence. I moved successfully into dozens of market niches and…

Today, three years after the downturn and what felt like the worst time of my life, I find myself happier and more free than I have ever been before!

When I want to spend time with my family, I do it.

When I want to take a vacation, I do it.

When I want to sleep in, I do it.

When I want to buy something for my wife or my kids, I do it.

Every cent I earn goes straight to the lifestyle and future of me and my family and…

Now you’ll notice I’m not raving about being a millionaire nor making any crazy exaggerated claims. I think we’ve all seen enough of that to last a lifetime. But since I'm sharing my story with you....

…Let me show you some of what my online business strategy has done for me, my family and our lifestyle, our freedom and our well being.



My family and I never have to worry about mortgage payments or rent payments. Everything we ever need is bought and paid for.


We live in complete and absolute freedom with the incredibly liberating feeling that comes with never having to worry about finances ever again.

Living in the peace and tranquility of the northern California mountains with my horses, surrounded by singing birds, wildlife and forest has always been my dream. Within a short space of time through my online business strategy I was able to make it happen.

Whether your dream is in the same vein as mine, or if it’s owning a condo in the city and driving high powered cars, you can make it come true with my proven system for lucrative and stable online business.

I’ve told you a little bit about my background and how I came to find my way into the world of online business.

And now I also want to tell you about another side of me that emerged as part of the process that developed my online business strategy.

As I mentioned earlier, when I first began learning the ropes of this new arena I knew I had to fill a knowledge gap to understand the essentials of how money is made online.

So while I avoided typical “get rich quick” schemes like the plague, at the same time I sourced out the highest quality training material I could find. I wanted to accelerate my learning curve and generate returns as fast as I possibly could.

But although I found plenty of training material from which I learned a great deal, there were three key aspects I consistently found lacking:

I frequently had to go about filling in gaps of information by myself with additional extensive research and more trial and error. I didn’t have too much of a problem with that at the time, largely because the skills I had gained from my previous professional background helped me to find my own answers.

But as I got to know other people with the same online goals as me, I found that many of them had run into the same gaps of information as I had. The problem was they were having a terrible time trying to finding the answers they needed.

In a lot of cases the courses they were trying to implement didn’t come with any significant after sale support at all.

I started teaching people the answers that had filled in the gaps for me. I helped them put their new knowledge into practice and actually yield results.

It was when people were taking action, when they needed me most, that I made myself available to coach them through their learning curve, help them avoid mistakes and get them to the point where fully understood every aspect of their business.

I met person after person who was struggling and many who were about to give up all together. But time and time again I found all they needed was a little practical guidance to show them exactly what to do, and then they’d start generating and building up their income.

The way I see it is this.

Whenever you learn a new job, a new sport, or a new skill, it’s the moment you put what you've learned into action that you need the most help and support.

For example, I could have sat down and explained very clearly to my son how to ride a bike, but what would have happened if I’d then just said “Okay, off you go to try it now. Good luck, try not to fall off!”

The results would be pretty predictable. With no-one there to support him through the practical part of applying what he learned it's likely he’d quickly fall off the bike, hurt himself and perhaps even give up entirely. What kind of a teacher would do that to someone who trusts them?

Well it’s pretty much exactly the same scenario with online business training.
Unfortunately it’s almost a standard for even the best courses to explain certain aspects very clearly and then send you away alone with a parting well wish of “I hope you don’t fall off!”.

But the truth of the matter is you need to have someone standing by, ready to steady you if you start to teeter, who will encourage you and help you find your balance until you have a momentum that will keep you going in a straight line to your destination.

So far, and with all due respect and gratitude to those who have helped me learn along the way, I’ve seen precious few online business trainers who are willing to give their students this kind of guidance when it really matters most.

And without it chances are high you will run into something you don’t know how to handle, fall off the proverbial “bike” and find it hard to get going again.

That’s why I have decided it’s time for me to come out with the kind of course I wish I’d had access to when I started, and most importantly, the ongoing support I know that everybody desperately needs.

I’ve seen the life changing results I’ve been able to bring about through one on one training I’ve given my students.

So that’s why I have poured everything I have ever learned into a system of comprehensive business training that is about to rock the online world to its core.

This is more than just a training course.

This is a complete mind shift, an entry into a new chapter of your life…

…the moment at which everything changes….


My Online Business Strategy

A Word From Dan Brock



YES! I Want To Be a MOBSter Now!


I know from direct experience how it feels to constantly struggle against the seemingly never ending tide of expenses, bills and debt.

And I also know from firsthand experience how the moment you find financial freedom feels like taking a breath of fresh air for the very first time in your life.

It’s like you can stand up straight and walk tall as you never have before, with the weight and strain of financial worry lifted once and for all from your shoulders.

I have seen time and time again how real and how achievable it is to bring that same major life shift to other people with just a little bit of dedication and helpful advice.

…and I’m ready and willing to spend a lifetime making sure it happens.

My Online Business Strategy, (M.O.B.S. for short) is a complete “business in a box” blueprint.

There are NO GAPS in this system and with the tremendous support network waiting to help you put it into action rest assured this is the ONLY course you will ever need.


At this point you’re probably wondering…

...and how the heck does it make me obscene
amounts a month on autopilot?


To begin with, I’ll tell you that the whole process centers around creating websites that take a very small amount of time to build and never need to be touched again.

These are what I call “M.O.B.S. sites”.

Typically a new site will earn an average of around $50 its first month and continue to increase in revenue from that point on. Some of my sites have actually started earning money before I’ve even finished building them!

Several of my sites average $250 per month and I also have a number of sites that pull in over $1000 per month with no signs of slowing down.

Through continually adding new M.O.B.S. sites to my portfolio I am able to increase my overall income level easily and perpetually.

This is a simple, repeatable and reliable formula for online success.

It’s through this straight forward “rinse and repeat” process that I was able to generate six figures in one short year.

And this is the exact system I’m going to teach YOU, and then I will support you through every single aspect of putting it into action.

I won’t be happy until I know you understand the system inside out and you’re getting the kind of results I know you can achieve.


YES! I Want To Be a MOBSter Now!

The next thing you’re probably wondering is exactly how M.O.B.S. sites make their automated income. Well…

This one income power source is the “holy grail” of online business that some people spend their lives chasing and never find.

When you do find it and master it you literally tap into the spring of everlasting life…everlasting life for your online revenue streams that is!!


So what the heck is organic search engine traffic?

Well before I explain it to you let me tell you what it means to your online business:

Imagine if I told you I’d let you set up a shop in a mall that had millions and millions of people browsing through it at any one time.

Imagine if I then told you it wouldn’t cost you a single red cent to get access to all that foot traffic?

You’d be into that space and finding something to sell to those customers faster than Speedy Gonzales can say “Arriba Arriba!!”

Of course, there's no such thing as a real-world shopping mall with the physical capacity for millions and millions of people to browse simultaneously at a single moment while giving you exposure to all those people for free.

But on the internet that exact opportunity is available every single day.

The image above shows you the amount of traffic I’ve been able to attract to just one of my websites in 12 months absolutely free of charge.

Never before in the history of humanity has there been a marketplace of this size and hence a business opportunity of this magnitude. This is absolutely unprecedented and the potential continues to grow larger and larger.

All you need to know is how to setup shop - and that’s what mastering organic search engine traffic is all about.

Now if you’ve ever used a search engine before, like Google or Yahoo! or Bing for example, you already have a basic understanding of organic search engine traffic:

So by showing up high in the search engine results the owner of that website gets a new visitor through a natural process that doesn’t involve any paid advertising.

That’s why we call it Organic Search Engine Traffic.

And it’s because the process is so natural that it’s so powerful.

When a person arrives at your site through an organic search they are there because they planned to be and hence you have their full attention.

You didn’t just happen to catch their eye with an advertisement and then have to struggle to hold their focus.

When a person comes to your site organically:

And it’s when you have that attention that you have a tremendous opportunity to offer the person a product or service that gives them the information or solution they need.

Now, profiting from organic search engine traffic is essentially a two part process and M.O.B.S. will teach you both.

The first part is actually attracting the organic traffic. This comes down to one vitally important thing…

Part 1: Getting your website to show up high in search engine results.

The higher your sites appear in search engine results the more likely you are to attract high amounts of organic traffic.

And in order to do that you first need to find out the exact phrases people are typing into search engines, e.g. “How to lose weight fast”.

The phrases people search for are called “keywords” and understanding them is the “key” to organic traffic.

You need to convince the search engines your site is the best match for those keywords so it ranks you at the top of its search results.

When you do, the people searching for those keywords will start to visit your site.
And the more people searching for those keywords the more free traffic you will get.

Through your M.O.B.S. training you will learn how to rank for 20, 30, 40, 50+ popular keywords or more at one shot!

It's a veritable organic traffic extravaganza!

A M.O.B.S. site typically gets indexed by Google in the first few days and then starts to achieve page one rankings within a week or two.

That means loads of fresh laser targeted organic traffic, ready for “Part 2”…

Part 2: Making money from your website’s traffic.

There are actually quite a few ways you can make money from website traffic but in M.O.B.S. you will be focusing on the most efficient, straight forward and lucrative option:

Affiliate marketing.

If you’ve already been studying online business you might be familiar with affiliate marketing. But if you haven’t let me give you a quick rundown of the process.

So all you need to do is refer someone to a product or service that’s a good fit for them and the vendor will take care of the rest.

The vendor takes care of the selling process, transactions, fulfillment, customer service, stock management and everything else. You don’t have to spare a single thought for any of the usual ongoing headaches of business.

Every time you refer a new customer to a vendor they will pay you anywhere up to 75% of the sale price and you don’t have to do a thing.

The more sites you build, the more traffic you get, the more sales you refer and the more commissions get funneled into your bank account.


YES! I Want To Be a MOBSter Now!

M.O.B.S. will step you through creating high powered sites that:

Once you understand the M.O.B.S. site building process it is literally like riding a bike. You only need to “get it” once and then you can keep doing it for the rest of your life.

You won’t need any special skills or any previous experience. You’ll be shown everything you could ever need to know from the ground up.

The core of M.O.B.S. is made easily accessible through a comprehensive manual that will become your “go to” guide as you master the system.

You will also see every single aspect of the system demonstrated LIVE as you watch over my shoulder through the M.O.B.S. step-by-step video training series.


YES! I Want To Be a MOBSter Now!

M.O.B.S. fills in every gap, answers every question and solves every problem. This course covers absolutely everything, it is complete in every way and it is the ONLY one of its kind you will EVER need.

And the reason I am so confident you will succeed in massive proportions with this system is not only because I know exactly how effective it is...

...it’s also because I fully intend to be there for you while you learn to put it into action.

There is no roadblock you can possibly run into that my team and I can’t get you past.

…because I won’t rest until you do.


The most important part of your learning process will be the first two months after you begin training and start putting M.O.B.S. into action.

This is the period where you’re doing everything for the very first time. You’ll build your first sites, make your first money and iron out the kinks in your application of the system.

If you have any questions or run into any speedbumps this is where they’re most likely to occur. And that’s why this is the most crucial time for my team and I to be available for you.

As you learn to implement M.O.B.S. just pick up the phone if ever you need to for any reason and you’ll be coached by a member of my personally trained and handpicked team of experts.

Now as long as you take care of your side of things and actually implement what we teach you, at the end of two months you should have around 8 fully functioning M.O.B.S. sites up and running.

From that point on you should find that you feel very comfortable with building your own money generating M.O.B.S. sites whenever you please and as often as you choose.
But the support doesn’t end there.

As we speak a thriving MOBSter community is waiting at the M.O.B.S. forum and blog to welcome you, and the students I have already coached into online business success are there and ready to give you even more help and support.

You can talk to the community about your questions, share stories of your success and discuss anything M.O.B.S. related at any time for the rest of your life.

You will also get permanent, lifetime access to me.

I’ll be here for the first two months, and the two months after that, and the two years after that, and the two decades after that.

I won’t be going away, ever. I will support every single student of the M.O.B.S. system for as long as they need me.

I am absolutely serious and committed when I say I want to change lives.

I believe with all my heart that’s exactly what I can do for YOU, and I’m here to stay.


YES! I Want To Be a MOBSter Now!

I’d like to take a moment to share with you some very humbling feedback a few of my students have given about their experience of training with me…


“He is your key to online success.”

“Gary Gregory takes a personal interest in the success of his students. It’s the way that he makes your struggles and wins his own that sets him apart. He takes your success personally. Gary only succeeds when you succeed.

So many people join training program after program, or buy product after product hoping to find one that finally makes sense. One that will give them access into the exclusive club of being able to work online. Gary Gregory is that access. He is your key to online success.

Please don’t misunderstand; Gary doesn’t do the work. You do. If you’re looking for a way to make money online where you don’t have to do anything, it doesn’t exist. But if you are seeking knowledge that only the truly experienced marketers have, Gary is your guy. His knowledge and experience are priceless.

Having Gary has made all the difference in the world for me. I now know that my hard work will allow me the luxury of being able to make a good living online. My success is only limited now by my efforts. Gary gives me that confidence.

If you have the drive to succeed and are willing to put in the effort, Gary will make sure you have the knowledge you need to accomplish your goals.

I still cannot believe that I managed to find a person of Gary’s caliber as my coach and mentor.

Thank you Gary from the bottom of my heart.

- Jori Lundgren


"Gary Gregory is a breath of fresh air."

"Gary Gregory is the Real Deal.

He is a very successful, accomplished internet marketer that seriously knows his stuff and has been through the years of hard knocks to reach the pinnacle he is currently at.

Not only does he have his own company advising people how to become successful online, but he is always willing to help people that are brand new to the fabulous doors of income that the internet provides.

Once you have an agreement with him, Gary advises you how to open those doors and get your own success going. He is a very busy man, but he is always willing to take a few minutes to answer any questions you may have even if it is late at night or early in the morning.

By profession, I was a social worker. I think I can sense good people, even in the written word, and Gary is such a joy that I JUMP on his name when I have 62 emails. He is my friend. I joined one program where he gave me “one on one mentoring” if I joined through him.

I was so thankful and amazed at all the advice he gave me when he called me at my home in Texas. He wanted to know about me and what I wanted to accomplish.

He wasn’t in any rush whatsoever to get off of the phone with me, which surprised me a bit, since I had read so many great things about him and all of the success that he has had.

Gary Gregory had made his name in Internet Marketing and he is here to stay. He is sure to be one of the people that we will all be hoping to guide us if we wish to become successful online.

In closing, I just want to say that I may be a bit older than most of you reading this. I’ve been involved with computers for a very long time. I’ve been taken online by many promises by people that turned out to be crooks. I’ve kicked myself in the head – thinking I should have known better. I have a Masters Degree from Michigan State University, for crying out loud. How could I be taken for a ride by this creep or that one?

Gary Gregory is a breath of fresh air. A true gentleman, and one who will never lead you down the wrong path.

I think that Gary and I will always remain internet friends. My best friend died of cancer recently and Gary has helped me through this hard time with his kind words of support. I will ALWAYS FOLLOW HIS LEAD and appreciate this gentle man for his spirit and kindness.

By the way, he lives in a place called “Paradise” – and I think he deserves to live someplace with that name.

In my book, he is an exceptional person that I trust with my word."

- Lynne Klosterman


YES! I Want To Be a MOBSter Now!

I’m absolutely making sure there’s no way you can fail with a full commitment of ongoing support so you get real, “quit your job” income results out of M.O.B.S.

As long as you do your part and implement what we teach you there’s nothing that can possibly hold you back.

And I’m STILL going to make that assurance even stronger!

I am absolutely positive you will succeed when you start implementing M.O.B.S. and taking advantage of the tremendous support you are about to receive from me, my team and the MOBSter community.

I am officially extending you a complete, no hassle, 100% Money Back Guarantee for 60 DAYS* to prove it!

You will have a full two months to learn everything there is to know about M.O.B.S. and start turning that into a real, recurring income stream.

If at any time in that entire 60 day period you are not absolutely satisfied just contact me and I will refund every cent of your money with no questions asked and no hard feelings.

This system is the real deal and you’ll have a whole two months to put it to the test for yourself.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

- Gary Gregory
Creator of M.O.B.S.


The day you become a MOBSter is the day everything changes forever…


YES Gary! I’m clicking the “Add to Cart” button and starting my new life as a MOBSter today!

I understand M.O.B.S. is a simple proven recipe for online success and all I need to do is put it into action.

I understand I will have instant download access to M.O.B.S. and will be welcomed with open arms into the MOBSter community.

I understand I have access to a full two months of live phone support.


My Online Business Strategy

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Spirit Quilts (www.spiritquilts.net) is a non-profit organization that brings warmth and comfort to homeless and impoverished children, brightens the hospital beds of those stricken with disease, and raises money for others in need through the hand crafted quilts, pillow cases and wall hangings created by their volunteer members.

One quarter of all M.O.B.S. proceeds will be donated to the Spirit Quilts charity initiative.

Through supporting M.O.B.S. you are in turn directly helping to fund the materials required to bring smiles to the faces of those who need it most.

Spirit Quilts
P.O. Box 3268
Paradise, CA 95967

"A gift is given to fill the heart of the giver, along with the recipient."
- Wayne L. Christensen


I deeply and humbly thank you for the time you’ve spent here with me today and I will look forward to the delight of showing you how to work a financial miracle in your life that will change everything forever.

I know without any shadow of a doubt to the absolute core of my being that YOU can reap the same rewards that I, my students and all the MOBSters before you have experienced.
I am absolutely committed to your success and I will support you in every possible way that I can until you find the results you are looking for.

I can’t wait to welcome you to the MOBSter family and hear the sound of tremendous happiness in your voice as you tell me all about the changes that are happening in your life.

To your inevitable and glorious success,

- Gary Gregory

Remember you only need to learn this system ONCE and you can use it over and over to keep increasing your income for the rest of your life.

P.P.S. A whole new world of financial freedom is waiting around the corner for YOU!


YES! I Want To Be a MOBSter Now!


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