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Don't focus on making a sale when talking to people. Focus on whether there is a sale to be made.

The key to avoiding rejection is to NEVER talk about your business in any detail until you've learned that the person you are talking to has a need or an interest in your business, product or service.

This is probably the MOST important thing to remember once you start talking to people. Too many people focus on people as dollar signs.

If you go into a conversation thinking about making a sale only, you've already lost. People will feel your motivation.

Instead, you MUST build sincere rapport and put your business on the back burner. This process will distance you from rejection and push back as long as you remember to put people first!

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... as it relates to your business (new or current.)

Here is something to remember. A lot of times the relationships you have already, ie: friends, family, etc. know you in a familiar way which is not always a good thing. They know you for who you were and won't be able to relate to you as a business owner or entrepreneur.

Unless they have experienced success already at what you are doing, they will do everything in their power to talk you out of what you are doing. They aren't necessarily malicious (although you WILL experience jealousy at times), it's just that they are trying to “protect” you. The real reason though is that they haven't done it themselves so therefore, it isn't possible.


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I have a big, audacious, ludicrous, in fact downright outlandish goal of helping at least 100 families achieve financial freedom in their online businesses by January 1, 2020.

In my humble opinion, when setting goals, it's either GO BIG or GO HOME!

I will be doing a Facebook LIVE later today explaining the details if this is something you are interested in exploring.

Stay tuned...


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"Gary Gregory is the Real Deal.

He is a very successful, accomplished internet marketer that seriously knows his stuff and has been through the years of hard knocks to reach the pinnacle he is currently at.

Not only does he have his own company advising people how to become successful online, but he is always willing to help people that are brand new to the fabulous doors of income that the
internet provides.

Once you have an agreement with him, Gary advises you how to open those doors and get your own success going. He is a very busy man, but he is always willing to take a few minutes to answer
any questions you may have even if it is late at night or early in the morning.

By profession, I was a social worker. I think I can sense good people, even in the written word, and Gary is such a joy that I JUMP on his name when I have 62 emails. He is my friend. I joined one
program where he gave me “one on one mentoring” if I joined through him.

I was so thankful and amazed at all the advice he gave me when he called me at my home in Texas. He wanted to know about me and what I wanted to accomplish.

He wasn’t in any rush whatsoever to get off of the phone with me, which surprised me a bit, since I had read so many great things about him and all of the success that he has had.

Gary Gregory had made his name in Internet Marketing and he is here to stay. He is sure to be one of the people that we will all be hoping to guide us if we wish to become successful online.

In closing, I just want to say that I may be a bit older than most of you reading this. I’ve been involved with computers for a very long time. I’ve been taken online by many promises by people that
turned out to be crooks. I’ve kicked myself in the head – thinking I should have known better. I have a Masters Degree from Michigan State University, for crying out loud. How could I be taken for a
ride by this creep or that one?

Gary Gregory is a breath of fresh air. A true gentleman, and one who will never lead you down the wrong path.

I think that Gary and I will always remain internet friends. My best friend died of cancer recently and Gary has helped me through this hard time with his kind words of support. I will ALWAYS
FOLLOW HIS LEAD and appreciate this gentle man for his spirit and kindness.

By the way, he lives in a place called “Paradise” – and I think he deserves to live someplace with that name.

In my book, he is an exceptional person that I trust with my word."

– Lynne Klosterman


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